The Enamouring – Rohini & Shirish Wedding - Banglore

Life is all about living it to the fullest. and it was indeed a pleasure to watch Rohini & Shirish sealing their
bond of love, with the mangalsutra.

The usual chirpy bubbly Rohini had teared up feeling the intensity of the moment. Shirish was like always, composed even though there was a wild horse in him.  Even we were emotional watching them come together. A moment when their dreams came true and their longing fulfilled.

Who would have thought,
That only a few months back,
When these two met online,
they would be so much in love.
Together as one,
they started their life;
in merry with their folks,

And it was indeed a fine affair.
  Love isn’t just a fairytale,
It’s a feeling to live for;
Rohini & Shirish had it in them,
For a what we call, a happily everafter.
It is incredible how Rohini, a graphic designer by profession became the perfect symphony to a financial analyst based in the states. They had nothing in common. Shirish wasn’t a person who stuck her chord on a first look. She wasn’t considering him as she didn’t want to move to U.S. But once Shirish started talking with her, his genuine conversations stuck her chord. Long distances didn’t matter anymore. What started as a typical arranged marriage proposal, turned out to be one of the most beautiful relationships we have ever seen.

“Arranged marriages doesn’t have to arranged. You could just fall in love with the guy. And the best part is, each passing day, I am loving him more and more”. Shirin says so and we can’t agree more.
Your Family is all you need, and in fact all you have.
Rohini and Shirin was one of the lucky ones, who had a family with so much love and them together it was
indeed a blessed union, not just for them, but for their families as well.

Gone are the times, when brides act shy. Marriage is a dream come true and a step into the next phase life. And definitely
the most appropriate occasion to celebrate.
These two were no different. They had their best moves ready for their special day.

A celebration is no good without your tribe.

Stealing a few portraits in between all the crazy schedules is when we produce the magic.

Indian weddings have always been special. With so much emotions, belief and trust put into it, weddings are simply amazing.  Rohini’s & 
Shirish’s Brahmin wedding was fun filled spiritual affair as expected. What exceeded our expectation was the perfect harmony and 
chemistry the couple and the family had. Rohini & Shirish, we are super happy that you found each other. Team lumiere wishes you
 a wonderful happy and contented married life ahead.